About us

Philonoe is a company that trades in the field of herbal medicine and was created as a result of the need of the contemporary man for a more natural and healthy lifestyle, which is achieved through products offered by nature itself, such as herbs, teas & beverages, natural & essential oils and beeswaxes.

Our knowledge in herbal medicine and our wish and intention to assist people in their attempt to address the rhythms of everyday life (which often lead to stress or diseases) made us create Philonoe. Our aim is to offer health and wellness through our excellent quality products.

We believe that with the strict quality selection of our products as well as the instructions we provide, we will become your valuable advisor and ally.

The contact details of our company is

G. Papandreou 38
Ag. Paraskevi, GR 15343
tel / fax: +30-210-60.19.191
email: info [at] philonoe.com