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Effective massage oil against cellulite which smooths the appearance of orange peel on the skin...

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The birch is a beautiful, deciduous tree reaching a height of 30 meters. It is common tree in Europe and temperate regions of Asia and North America

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Echinacea is native to the central regions of the USA. It is a perennial plant that reaches up to 50cm height with beautiful purple flowers...


Elecampane is a perennial plant that grows up to 3m height with golden yellow flowers that resemble daisies. It is native to Southeastern Europe and...

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Hibiscus belongs to the Malvaceae family which includes about 200 genera of trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants. It grows in temperate and...

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The, infamous for its stinging, Nettle has been appreciated since the ancient times for its healing properties. It contains vitamins, chlorophyll...

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Chia is a flowering plant that is found in South America. The seeds are known since the time of the Aztecs and Mayans, who were one of their basic...

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Goji is a famous plant that comes from China and the Tibet region. It is known as Goji Berry , which means berry of happiness, because of the...

Green Tea

Green Tea is the richest in catechins of all other teas, due to the process used for this type. It comes from the same plant...

Green Tea - Golden Philonoe

Green Tea is the richest in catechins of all other teas, due to the process used for this type. It comes from the same plant...


Guarana is a ligneous vine that climbs up to 10 meters high. It grows in the tropical forests of the Amazon but is, even up to now, cultivated...

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Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a deciduous shrub reaching up to 2 meters in height. It is a native plant of South America which is today cultivated in all temperate.

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Rose Hip (fruit)

The Rose Hip (fruit) is an important source of vitamins: C (up to 1.25%), A, B1 B2, B3, K, P, E, carotene, riboflavin. The fruit also contains...


Rosemary is an intensely aromatic evergreen shrub reaching up to 2m height with dark green leaves that look like pine needles. It is native...

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Spirulina is a plant of a genus of cyanobacteria. It grows and is cultivated in areas with water, in lakes or even in closed containers...

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Valerian is one of the most popular medicinal herbs due to its sedative and relaxing properties, known at least since Roman times. The parts of the...

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Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a superfood made from the sprout of wheat (cotyledons). For this reason it does not contain gluten component which causes various


Wormwood is among the really bitter plants of nature. Absinthium means "without sweetness, sharp". It is a plant native to Europe and cultivated...