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The agrimony is an upstanding fluffy and mild aromatic herb that reaches a height of 80 cm. Its leaves are green on top and silver-green ...


Angelica is a biennial aromatic herb that can grow up to 2 meters height. Its stem is hollow and ribbed; it has large leaves of...

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The birch is a beautiful, deciduous tree reaching a height of 30 meters. It is common tree in Europe and temperate regions of Asia and North America

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The Melissa herb is a plant that looks like mint but smells like lemon. Its name has been linked to the bee because it has the same properties as...

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The caltrop is a thorny plant in the fields, which easily grows in all tropical climates. The leaves look like wings with beautiful lemon yellow flower


Calendula is a native plant of Western Europe and is cultivated in temperate regions around the world. It is an annual plant with bright orange...


Centaury is a biennial herb that reaches a height of 40cm. It has a rosette of leaves at the base and bunches of pink flowers. It is native to Europe...

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Goji is a famous plant that comes from China and the Tibet region. It is known as Goji Berry , which means berry of happiness, because of the...


Guarana is a ligneous vine that climbs up to 10 meters high. It grows in the tropical forests of the Amazon but is, even up to now, cultivated...

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Savory is native to southern Europe and grows in sunny and dry locations. It is found in barren rocky or sandy places. It is an annual plant whose...


Spirulina is a plant of a genus of cyanobacteria. It grows and is cultivated in areas with water, in lakes or even in closed containers...

Sweet Flag

Sweet Flag is a reed with a characteristic smell that grows mainly in Greek Laconia near the Eurotas river. It is found mainly in moist soils...

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Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a superfood made from the sprout of wheat (cotyledons). For this reason it does not contain gluten component which causes various


Wormwood is among the really bitter plants of nature. Absinthium means "without sweetness, sharp". It is a plant native to Europe and cultivated...

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Yarrow (flower)

Yarrow (Achillea) owes its name to Achilles, who was advised by goddess Aphrodite when he was wounded by Paris’ poisoned spear in the Trojan Wary...